Short top with high waist down, really slim 5 pounds! 10 cm higher! !

The favorite thing to wear in summer is the T-shirt, because it is super practical and durable. But this year’s T-shirt seems to have become shorter and has become Crop top.

The short top is shorter than the normal T-shirt, revealing a small amount of waist skin, visually shortening the upper body, creating a high waist line, and playing with a careful machine.

Not only Xuan Ya loves to wear, the Black Pink of the Fairytale group often picks up a short top with a high waist, whether it is a song suit or a private service.


Rose recently fell in love with a pair of short tops with high waist pants, not only revealing her sexy ant waist, but also visually leg length of one meter eight, it is very A!


We only found that girls who are not too tall, the most avoidance is the “five or five points”, the length of the upper and lower body is simply a disaster.


In fact, “three seven points” is the best golden ratio. The combination of a short top and a high-waist bottom can better raise the waistline, which is too high and too embarrassing!

Short top with high waist jeans

High-waisted jeans start from the waist, improve the proportion of leg length, and then combine with the short top, which further lengthens the proportion of the body.


Light-colored loose blouse is more leisurely, with this year’s most popular high-waist mop pants to create a stylish casual style~


In summer, wearing a colorful sling jacket is very energetic. With high-waist jeans, the girl is full of emotions. On the contrary, it is very feminine with a sling blouse.


The combination of short tops and shredded high-rise jeans brings a cool street style, and the hole design makes your overall fashion sense N times higher.


The pure white one-shoulder blouse with a little lace edge is a typical romantic and elegant style; the one-shoulder blouse is more energetic, whether it is high-waist jeans or straight pants, it does not delay the high effect.


Printed blouse with cuffed high-rise jeans, retro and stylish, with thick heel sandals will not be tired, easily heighten 10cm, wearing a charming long legs!

Short top with high waist shorts

High-waist shorts are a must-have for summer, and even more when you encounter a short jacket. Not only cool, but also long legs, unwittingly loved.


The white blouse is paired with high-waisted shorts and the whole person is clean and neat. If you are wearing a shirt, you can tie the corners and add fun.


The flower bag of the high-waist pants of the paper bag is very waist-high, and it is equipped with a retro square-neck blouse. You are the cute retro baby.


The short top that is just below the navel is super sexy! Between the round neck and the V-neck, it is recommended that you choose the V-neck. The V-neck can modify the neck line and make the face smaller..


T-shirts are knotted on the side of the hem, which can be turned into a short top. It looks more design, with high-waist jeans, which can highlight the waistline, casual and fashionable.


Sling short tops with high-waist shorts, you don’t want to expose too much or afraid of tanning sisters can choose a jacket sunscreen cardigan, small sexy and not too open!

The combination of short tops, in addition to high waist shorts, as well as high waist skirts are also indispensable. Casually paired with long legs, no need to hide!


Naked pink bag hip whistle skirt, although high waist, but the body requirements are very high, must be thin sister to wear, can control the body curve is beautiful to you cry!


The chest pleat design of the light yellow square collar short top makes the top more three-dimensional, with a high waist and black skirt, super temperament, very everyday.

I like the reason for summer because I can wear a little white dress

In the hot summer, you need such a little white dress in your closet. It is simple, high-grade, clean and cool. It is the most suitable skirt for summer.

white dress

The beauty of the little white dress, only to know through it, it is no exaggeration to say that only wearing it, you have passed the perfect summer.

white dress

Miranda Kerr is the favorite girl who wears a little white dress. Her street shots of various periods are indispensable for the little white dress.

white dress
white dress
white dress

In the past fashion week, Aimee Song also showed us the dress of three different styles of white dresses. Of course, I also told the little girls: I can wear them with confidence, and the light white is actually very high.

white dress
white dress

The heart is not as good as action, just put a beautiful white dress for your summer.