In the autumn, wearing these small print dresses out of the street, showing the sweet girlish atmosphere

The heat of summer is gradually fading away, and the cool autumn is ushered in. In the cool autumn, wearing a dress is the best! Next, I will bring you a few small print dresses suitable for autumn, very sweet and pretty girls~

One fishtail light green sling small print dress

Printed dress

Cool autumn outfits are perfect! This pale green sling fishtail skirt is a small print dress that looks super nice and has a fally taste! The faint little green color is full of sweetness and girly atmosphere. The overall look is full of vitality, coupled with a grass-green cardigan jacket, adding fashion.

V-neck mid-sleeve small print wrap dress

Printed dress

Don’t miss this V-neck mid-sleeve print wrap dress for girls with a tall figure! It’s really beautifully dressed and looks more elegant and generous. Dressed in this dress in the fall is super beautiful and still very warm, wearing a street to take pictures absolutely. Paired with a pair of flat shoes and a holiday straw hat, add a sweet and girly atmosphere.

Small puff sleeve waist small print dress

Printed dress

Although it is already autumn, the temperature is still not low, and the short-sleeved dress can still be worn! The small prints are generally not too old-fashioned, and they are really sweet to wear and look full of girls! This light-colored, small puff-sleeved waist-printed dress looks very retro and ladylike, and it looks absolutely gentle. Go out and play in the cool autumn, put on such a small print dress, let you go back to the high rate~

Slim-fit small print dress

Printed dress

Seeing this small print dress, the beautiful light green grass, slim and open-cut version, and a nice white print with a variety of elements, all reveals fashion and advanced. This slim-fit, small-print dress is really so beautiful to wear, it’s not too suitable for autumn! You can show your body and show off your sexy legs! However, only girls with tall and tall bodies can wear them!

Light pink palace style small print dress

Printed dress

This pale pink palace style small print dress, at first glance, the super girl is sweet, and the fair-skinned girl is really eye-catching in this dress. Don’t miss this little print dress when you are out in the cool autumn. The design of the sleeves and neckline is very courty, it is particularly noble, and the version of the waist is more attractive, so that you can be a sweet girl~

Small printed waist dress

Printed dress

Girls who are full of gas and tall, must wear this light-colored small print waist dress in the fall, which can make you more gentle and sweet, more girls. The minimalist atmosphere of the small print is very fashionable and unique, and it is also the fashion element of this year. However, this small printed dress will be more mature to wear, it is more suitable for girls with strong gas field.

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